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When planning your wedding I think it’s important to allocate budget for your honeymoon too. Perhaps weighing up whether there are certain things you’ll forgo in order to have a more extravagant honeymoon or if the honeymoon is less important and you really want to go all out on the wedding itself. Please don’t short change the honeymoon as the memories really will last a lifetime!


When to go on your honeymoon is determined by several factors. Traditionally a newly married couple will head off on their holiday of a lifetime straight after the wedding but that may not be possible due to work or other commitments, time of year and budget.

Best is to pick a time (well in advance) when the both of you can enjoy a complete disconnection from the rest of the world and instead, reconnect with each other!


The Fullmoon
The average honeymoon lasts 10 – 14 days so remember to plan that precious time carefully. With that duration you can fit in two destinations, maybe a city and beach break? Though you may just want total, unadulterated relaxation on the beach for two weeks after the stresses of planning a wedding. Do be aware that if you do a multi-destination trip some of your precious time allocation will be taken up with travelling and transfers leaving you less time to drink champagne!


Your honeymoon will probably be the place with that you’ve always dreamed of going to but you probably couldn’t justify the expense or the time off work before now. This is your chance to absolutely go for those two weeks in The Maldives, that adventure around New Zealand or the safari in Africa. Have a careful think about whether you want relaxation, adventure or culture and consider whether you want a dual destination. 

What do you actually want out of your honeymoon? Is it more about time together or about satisfying your wanderlust?


In today's day and age of technology, its easy and convenient to do all the planning yourself; which is great! But unfortunately, we all are not travel experts or designers. 
As attractive as it sounds to do the travel itinerary all by yourself in order to save money; it sometimes is more cost-effective to work with a travel agent or expert in your target destination. 

This is because travel experts have the insider knowledge regarding the best times to travel, excursions, hotels, resorts, rates etc! 


If you’ve never been on first or business class, this is the time to do it. Travelling in style means the honeymoon can begin in the airport at the first or business class lounge, you can have unlimited champagne on the flight and you’ll arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Be mindful when you’re booking flights that they correspond to your passport whether that’s your maiden name or married name and make sure things like VISA and ESTAs are also correct.